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SHIROI HANA is the ultimate Japanese knife collection

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Just as an artist relies on his or her paintbrush, every chef needs a great set of knives to work with. The new SHIROI HANA collection takes the Japanese knife to new heights, with beautiful design and durable materials.

Much is made of the differences between the German and Japanese knife styles. While the latter is probably better suited to slicing, the two have much in common. What matters more is exactly how your knife is made.

After a wildly successful debut on Kickstarter, Edge of Belgravia is back with a new set of knives. The SHIROI HANA collection includes nine stunning knives, each crafted in China with multiple layers of premium Japanese steel. Recommended by Michelin-starred chefs, the full set helps you prepare any food with precision.

What is a multi-layered steel knife?

Most good-quality kitchen knives are forged from steel and then sharpened. Some others are cut from a sheet of rolled steel. But at the very top end of Japanese knife design, you will find some multi-layered blades.

The SHIROI HANA knives have 67 layers of steel in total. Yes, you did read that correctly. Not only does this make the blades pretty shatterproof, but it has a significant aesthetic benefit.

When multiple layers of steel are treated with the right care and attention, the outer surface gains a beautiful pattern. This is the distinctive Damascus look, as borrowed from swordsmiths of the Middle East. The SHIROI HANA blades have a particularly beautiful floral pattern that adds an exquisite finish.

The perfect Japanese knife

While looks are important, a chef’s knife is very much a practical tool. The SHIROI HANA knives offer exceptional performance, whether you’re filleting meat or slicing seaweed.



With a cutting core made from AUS-10 Japanese steel, these knives are incredibly sharp and durable. They also resist corrosion over time, meaning you will be able to use your knives for years to come.

There are two sets to choose from. The Complete option offers a regular six-piece set-up, including a chef’s knife and a bread knife.



The Samurai collection has more of an Asian flavor, with three Japanese blades. These include an Unagi knife, a Santoku knife, and a Nakiri knife. If you love your Asian cuisine, this set will really suit your cooking. 

You can also add a range of accessories, from a stylish knife stand to a matching peeler.

“The SHIROI HANA knives have been designed by Christian Bird, who wanted to create an effortlessly beautiful knife which is both aesthetic and highly functional. A set to be put on display, but which can be easily used every day.” — Edge of Belgravia on Kickstarter

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