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Want to stand out? Light House suspenders will make you shine

by khaled bouzghaia | | Christmas, Fashion, Funny, Gift | 0 Comments

From lumberjacks to urban hipsters, many people like to support their pants with traditional suspenders. These new galluses add a little extra pizzazz.

Progress is a great thing. Without it, we would be forever stuck in the same place. But sometimes, new ideas cannot totally replace the old ones. Take the humble belt as an example. Back in the 19th century, men held their pants up with suspenders. But then someone had the idea of tying a leather strap around their waist — and the rest is history.

But suspenders never truly disappeared. In fact, they are now making an almighty comeback. If you like to stand out, the Light House suspenders are a brilliant fashion statement. They will literally light up any party.



Most suspenders are fairly unassuming strips of stretchy material. They are designed to be concealed beneath a formal jacket, or worn during physical tasks.

But wearing suspenders has become a fashion statement — so why would you want them to go unnoticed?

You would be hard pressed to miss the Light House light-up suspenders. These galluses are covered in dazzling LED lights, making you glow like a walking Christmas tree. They are perfect for parties after dark and a great conversation starter.

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